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This was my first foray into what can barely be called video games. During my second year at the Utrecht School of the Arts, I wanted to make a short of video game that was essentially a playable Waiting For Godot. It morphed into a sort of playable mortality vignette. Two players each control one of the two characters, whose interaction are limited to wandering around the raft, waving at things and looking to each side, mostly at one another. I hoped this hampering would lead to something could be called a performance, the intentions and context supplied by the players projected through the limited means of their characters.

These intentions didn't really shine through this crude Unity project, but resurfaced two years later when I made Exit, Pursued By A Bear as a graduation project.

This really isn't so much a game as it is a curiosity to refer to in relation to my current pursuits. Play at your own peril.

Controls are (for two players) WASD/Arrows for moving around, space/num0 for jumping, hold Q/E / Num7/Num9 for looking to either side. Lctrl/num1 for waving.


Raft2013_EJvanMelle.zip 88 MB

Install instructions

Unzip and run .exe.


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I was very much in art school, if you know what I mean.