A downloadable game for Windows

Exit, Pursued By A Bear is an experiment in interactive storytelling. The core thought is that video games should enable rather than proscribe storytelling. As a result, in this co-op game, you both perform characters. The environment slowly changes to give some structure to your interactions, but overall, everything of worth that happens within this framework is player-generated.

This is only the first prototype, on which I graduated with honors from the Utrecht School of Arts. I plan on iterating heavily on this prototype, adding characters, environments, driving forces and controls. I'm not sure where it'll lead, but I hope that at the very least it may turn out interesting.

Make sure you have two XBOX controllers plugged in beforehand. The left stick controls head rotation allowing you to express emotions, whereas the X and A buttons are simple arm movements. Use Y for jumping. Press and hold the right shoulder button to sit down.

NOTE: This is a very rough prototype and far from finished. The controls are still a bit sluggish and require a ton of refinement.


epbab_proto.zip 24 MB

Install instructions

1. Unzip file.

2. Make sure you have two controllers plugged in.

3. Run Unity file.

4. Press start.